Discover the evolution of a black man. Follow my life from college to politics to family and relationships. Explore my spiritual growth and my introspective viewpoints on life as a black man in America. A Book of Words isn’t just a quick look inside of me, but chance for us all to examine and discover how we got to where we are in our lives.

When I started writing A Book of Words over a decade ago, it took me on a journey of emotions that forced me to evaluate my very existence. This evaluation is an ongoing process that I hope never ends. I believe one of the biggest components of life is embracing the evolution of life and understanding we can always be better tomorrow than we are today. When you embrace the pain, disappointments, challenges, betrayals of your past and you realize how powerful you are to have made it through; its incredibility uplifting. When you find that place of humility wrapped around strength and power, your ability to forgive others, embrace the change in others, forgive yourself and look upon the future with an abundance of hope is magnified. I ask you, will you come with me on this journey?

MBE Certified

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