Be Taylor Productions LLC is an innovative production company that embraces the rising importance of artificial intelligence and champions the full potential of App technology with the unlimited venues to create new content for mobile viewers and motion pictures. Be Taylor Production has a renewed focus on the power, community impact, and growth potential of merchandising. Be Taylor Productions is creating tomorrow today! 

The Magnificent Seven

Seven ordinary college students who stumbled upon a rare red diamond giving them super human powers changing their lives forever.


STARR is the story of a single mother with the weight of the world on her shoulders when she suddenly experiences a pain that unleashes a power in her that no one has ever seen before!

Kyndal’s World

Kyndal’s World is a children’s concept that promotes the differences in all of us. We want to show children that it’s ok to be accepting of others because at the end of the day we are all different. Imagine that!

A Book of Words

A Book of Words is a collection of poems that covers a wide array of topics and scenarios that will leave you engaged, enticed, enlightened and wanting more.

MBE Certified

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