Kyndal’s World offers a safe, educational, and entertaining environment to children of all backgrounds, communities, family structures, and races. In Kyndal’s World, children will be given the opportunity to understand and embrace the limitless possibilities of their future.

Kyndal’s World True Friendship Paperback Book


“True Friendship” is a story about how the imagination of children can have endless possibilities when friends come together and learn how differences are the things that connect us. Kyndal and her friends all have unique challenges and each story will help children navigate their challenges one adventure at a time. This story introduces the children to the recent diagnoses of autism of their good friend and their difficulty learning how to see the world from a new perspective. The stories will introduce readers to children from low income families and children learning how to manage their anger in a world that doesn’t always seem to hear their voices. Young readers will be introduced to the importance of sharing and acceptance. The characters in these stories will come from all types of families and the lessons learned will allow them to imagine a world where all things are possible. Imagine that!

MBE Certified

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